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Saturday, 4 October 2014

the craft....

Emilie, Karl and Dean Mattson. The Craft (detail).
Willow branches, cow placenta, fibre glass.

Two young men and their mother paddle silently across a moonlit pond in a canoe.  It’s a performance and an image with echoes throughout human history – the family, the boat, the journey.  Displacement, travel, migration; gestation, birth, death, transcendence – a whole life journey is summed up in it.

The mother, in this case, is painter and mixed-media sculptor Emilie Mattson; and the canoe is an artwork completed in collaboration with her two sons, Dean and Karl, each an artist in his own right.  Made from willow branches stretched with cow placentas and coated with fibreglass, it is called simply The Craft.

Reprinted from Art of the Peace magazine, Issue 12,Spring/Summer 2009. Find the complete article here.

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