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Saturday, 20 April 2013

on Andy Goldsworthy and the making of holes...

Andy Goldsworthy.
Japanese maple leaves stitched together to make a floating chain,
the next day it became a hole supported underneath by a woven briar ring.
Ouchiyama-Mura, Japan.  21-22 November 1987.

Every hole
is an entry point,
a cave,
the crater of a volcano,
a passageway back
to the place of perpetual beginnings.

(Creation followed by destruction followed by creation again
is a geologic truth.)


Andy Goldsworthy.
Damp sand, hollowed out, soft red stone grond into a powder around each rim.
Compton Bay, Isle of Wight. June 1987.

Andy Goldsworthy.
Seven Holes, 1991.
Greenpeace, London UK.
Clay sourced from ground outside the building, and building debris.

Andy Goldsworthy.
Runnymede Sculpture Farm, Woodside, California.
Clay from the site. Clay works fired on site in a temporary kiln, 6-18 June 1994.
Andy Goldsworthy.
Runnymede clay; Scottish, Janpanese, Californian bracken and ferns held with thorns to the wall.
San Jose Museum of Art, California. February 1995.

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