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Monday, 2 September 2013

seeing spots

Priscilla Mouritzen

Sometimes you don’t know the stories you have to tell until you hear yourself speaking them. 

At the end of a recent trip to South America, I wondered to myself which of our adventures, experiences and conversations, whom amongst the many people we had met, would make it into our family's oral history; to be told again and again. Which photos would make it into the album, shaping our collective memory?

It’s hard to see your own life in broad brushstrokes; to see the big pictures and the patterns. You’re just too close to it, and it seems to evolve and unfold in glacial time. 

In a small way, Pinterest has become a new tool for me in excavating my own heart and mind. I can scroll through the images I have collected, reflect on what is and isn’t in the collection, and see my thinking about categories of things that are interesting to me and how they fit together. It’s a visual mind map. A mosaic made up of a thousand small images. 

(Step back. They resolve into a complex picture. It's a self-portrait.)

So what’s trending these days in my visual universe?

It seems like one of the things is polka dots. Circles. (They are a big feature in my grade one classroom, and have apparently burrowed into my subconscious and made themselves a permanent home in my aesthetic.) Here is a sample of the spots I’ve been seeing, right before my eyes.

Left and top right: Brenda Holzke, tribal bottles. Bottom right: Tetsuo Hirakawa.

Anders Bruno Liljefors
Sandra Bowkett

Michelle Freemantle

Mollie Bosworth

Kitaoji Rosanjin

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