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Thursday, 2 August 2012

On Chocolate Tasting in Paris

I'm glad I'm not a food writer. I just don't know enough ways to describe the magnificent chocolates and pastries we sampled on our very fun chocolate tasting tour of Paris!

I learned a new flavor I had never before experienced -- ispahan. It combines raspberries, rose petals and lychees. Fitting that the French use the word "parfum" to translate "flavour," as that's really what it seemed like; an inflection made of air. Fresh and insubstantial and surprising.

But what really put the whole experience over the top for me was how visually beautiful everything was -- each pastry, each chocolate a work of art; each shop a gallery.

I want to go home and paint pictures of exquisite pastries.

(I have a new appreciation of Wayne Thiebaud.)

Photo by Ariel Tarpey.

Photo by Ariel Tarpey,

Photo by Ariel Tarpey.

We did our chocolate tasting tour of Paris through Context travel. 

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