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Saturday, 22 October 2016

a cautionary tale...

Steve Driscoll. These Are Truly the Last Days.
Industrial urethane on panels, water (dyed black), wood, rock. 2016
Photo by Finn O'Hara,

At the entry, there is a sign. It cautions you. (A cautionary tale.) (Perhaps every art show should have one.)

It warns that the exhibit contains real water, and asks you to stay on the boardwalk and the stepping stones.

You walk into what looks and feels like a quintessentially Canadian landscape. Dark waters under night skies, a dock, some rocks. And light.

High gloss paintings that contain layers of light. Aurora and nebulae. Constellations. Each reflecting in the other; skies in waters, waters in skies. One sky in another.

Every surface implies a depth. Every light is a hole in the darkness. Star-spattered sky-fields reflect in water rippled almost imperceptibly by our breaths, our footfalls. Our existence.

The silence of the universe, and we at the centre of it; almost unnoticed. Inconsequential.

(A cautionary tale.)

Steve Driscoll. And a Dark Wind Blows.
Industrial urethane on panels, black (dyed) water, rock, wood. 2016


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