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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Giorgio Morandi. Still Life of Vases on a Table. Etching. 1931.

Giorgio Morandi, painter of vessels. Of vases. Of stillness and silence; the settling of dust. Or, as Alistair Sooke puts it, painter of “the dialogue between mute objects, animated by the space between them.” 


Greg Payce. Ebony. Ceramic.

Greg Payce, sculptor of vessels. Vase is hardly the word for them, though they echo the form. They are almost columns: inverse caryatids. Compelling because of the humanness of both scale and form. Face them or turn sideways, slip between them. Fit into the spaces they have animated; the spaces between. 

These objects are anything but mute.

Greg Payce and his Al Barelli. Ceramic. 2001.

Greg Payce. Pantheon. Ceramic. 2004.

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