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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

full circle...

Peter Gabriel and Sting. Rock, Paper, Scissors tour, July 24, 2016, Edmonton.
Photo by Greg Southam for the Edmonton Journal.

Sting and Peter Gabriel ~ I had the awesome privilege of seeing these two beautiful men performing together the night before last. Their music is from my youth, but timeless. They made me feel the lightness of long ago; the presentness of the past....

Here we are,
come full circle.
Back to the fresh, cool, unbreathed air of youth.
Back to the blue-black sky; the Unknown depicted in the stars.

Here we are,
weightless as innocence,
as innocents;
shed of the burden of our own culpability,
the mistakes we wear like scars.

Here we are,
come full circle,
back to the eternality of youth;
existing outside of time.
The ever-expanding universe, 
and we at the centre of it.

Wendy Stefansson

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