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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Here there be dragons....

In Shiboa Zhai Temple, China. Photo by Tom Tarpey; edited by Wendy Stefansson.

On a few ancient maps, there is a notation in the region of Eastern Asia that translates roughly as: "Here there be dragons."

Yes. There be.

This is a collection of photos of dragon imagery from our recent trip to China.

Golden dragons at Shiboa Zhai. Photos by Tom Tarpey.

Clockwise from top: Fengdu Ghost City
along the Yantze River downstream from
Chongqing, Fengdu again,
the Summer Palace in Beijing,
the Yu Garden in Shanghai, and the Great Wall
at Mutianyu. Photos by Wendy Stefansson.

Dragons wrapped around ancient ceramics at the Shanghai Museum.
Photos by Wendy Stefansson.

Dragons encircling beads on a bracelet from Tibet. Photo by Wendy Stefansson.

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