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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Novie Trump, reliquaries

Novie Trump. Birth. Ceramic.

Again, the reliquary.

The form that contains the sacred. (The stand-in for the bodies of saints and gods. The stand-in for the bodies of each of us.)

Here, rendered eloquently by ceramic artist Novie Trump. Mixing the metaphors of life and death, of flight and home. Of sky and earth. Of the ever-new and the timeless. The old forms of sanctuary windows and triptych altarpieces. The unreadable writing of god on scrolls and tablets.

Novie Trump. Gift from the Heavens. Ceramic, glass, cork, feather.

Novie Trump. Nest. Ceramic.

Novie Trump. Requiem for Raven. Ceramic.

Novie Trump. Sky Awaits. Ceramic.

Novie Trump. The Evolution of Flight. Ceramic.

Novie Trump. White Pebble. Ceramic.

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