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Saturday, 2 March 2013

a painter in Paris

On every trip I've ever made to Paris -- and okay, that's only three -- I've taken photos of this shop window and never written down the name. It's on the left bank, facing the Seine, not far from Place St. Michel. The deepest craving for new art materials is triggered in me each time. 

Look at those pastels. Can you see how they are handmade? Can you see their imperfections, their inconsistencies, where the end has been squashed in the process of cutting a length? Don't you just want to pick one up, roll it between your fingers, smell it? (I heard a radio interview once with an artist who made his own pastels. He claimed he could tell the colours apart in the dark by their individual smells.) Don't you just want to try one out? To make a mark?

These things make me happy.


Anonymous said...

I also do not know the shop's name but have gone in side. Its where Monet and many other famous painters shoped.

Wendy Stefansson said...

That's cool to know! I've never walked in the door. I'm scared of how much money I might spend if I did!