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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Shape of Longing

Morley Myers. Linear Thinking. chlorite, 26" tall.
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Morley Myers: The Shape of Longing

His influences are both the Moderns and the Ancients.  At times one sees in his work the fracturing of form of a Picasso, at times the elongation of a Modigliani, at times the roundness of a Henry Moore.  And through and beyond these, one recognizes the simplified masses of Inuit carvings, African masks, perhaps even Easter Island monoliths.

He is Salt Spring Island sculptor, Morley Myers. Working in found metals, cast metals, and stone, Myers portrays the human form and the human face with the simplest of means. A single curve defines a stance, a way of occupying space that is at once physical and emotional. A single angle describes a question; a void implies a longing. There is both projection and penetration, both desire and merging. Both smoothly polished surface and rough rock: boundaries and loss of self.

The Shape of Longing is the artist’s monograph, comprised almost entirely of exquisite photographs of Myers’ art, allowing it to speak -- as it does -- for itself.

Morley Myers. African Venus. soapstone.
Photo from

See more of Myers' art or purchase The Shape of Longing here.

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