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Friday, 17 May 2013


Valèria Nascimento. Hanging Cups (detail). porcelain.

porcelain thin as paper

like petals,
like cells,
organic and multiple

as insubstantial as light
as fragile and as translucent as skin

as pregnant as words yet to be spoken

forged in fire
out of the earth,
weightless as air
and fluid as water

patterns of growth and unfolding 
as eternal as the elements,
as fleeting as flight


Valèria Nascimento. Cones. Porcelain

Rebecca Hutchinson. Natural Inclinations.
Paper clay, handmade paper, organic materials.

Rebecca Hutchinson. Woven Collection.
Paper clay, handmade paper, organic materials.

Mia E Göransson from the New Nature series. Porcelain.

Laura McNamara. Cell Forms. Porcelain

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